The following list contains the rules and agreement of our consignment policy…

  1. The selling price of each item and any reductions will be determined by Iverson’s.
  2. Iverson’s pays 50% of the price each item sells for.
  3. It is the responsibility of the consignor to call and check on their items. Any items that are sold when you call will be paid to you on the next check issue date.
  4. Checks are issued twice a month; on or about the first (1) and the fifteenth (15) of each month.
  5. Unless removed by the consignor, all items left beyond six (6) months become the property of Iverson’s.
  6. If at any time you want the items returned to you Iverson’s will do so, as per our delivery schedule, and current delivery charge for your area.
  7. A pick-up charge commensurate with our schedule of delivery charge, may be deducted from the consegnors’ portion of the selling prices of the items taken by iverson’s on any one pick-up.
  8. In a case of fire or natural disaster Iverson’s will not be held responsible for reimbursement of any inventory.
  9. Iverson’s is not responsible for damage that may occur while in the store or truck.